the concept.

sound by innovation.

The distinct construction method with a dominating neck and the connected components, such as corpus and cover, allow for the possibility for endless sustain.

Additionally the musician has the possibility to change, adapt and mold the sustain to his preference with the exchangeable oscillating disks.

the pick ups.

The customer can choose from a wide variety of Pick-up's of his choosing. Singlecoils and splittable Humbucker from well-known manufacturers will be used to the customers choosing.

Freeway and Freeway-S switches

The sound variations are almost unlimited by utilizing next generation Freeway switches with 6 switch-positions and a plethora of solder-contacts.

Hipshot Tuner

Mechanically high quality Hipshot Tuner with open built and Grip-Lock secure the tuning and lower the overall weight of the instrument.

a strong partnership.

The guitars are manufactured in cooperation with well-renowned Guitarmaker EYB in Leonberg, close to Stuttgart, Germany. Günther Eyb has been manufacturing and designing guitars and bases of extraordinary quality for 30 years and is a well known figure in the music scene.

excerpt from the magazine Gitarre & Bass, issue 05/2018 about Elyra model "Tequila Sunrise"

"...for the musician that wants to be inspired by something special. The Elyra plays smoothly and light, sounds as special as it looks and includes variable semi acustic sounds, which can be influenced by removable sutainer discs..." (translated by editorial team)