the ultimate sustainer

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Looking for the ultimate sustain, designer, inventor and musician Tilly Fuchs has approached building guitars in his own unique way. After years of work, a revolutionary new concept has emerged.



The Fox Elyra

A semi acoustic-guitar with invisible soundholes?

Much more that this.

"...a very innovative approach" (translated) This is how the renowned magazine Gitarre & Baß described the premiere of the FOX ELYRA on the Holy Grail Show in Berlin.


The innovative design is taking a different from the common design in guitars, being reminiscent of a Lyra, the "Original Instrument" and predecessor of the modern guitar. With the Fox Elyra a shapely and provoking new version of an elegant, electric guitar has emerged.

The distinct construction method with a dominating neck and the connected components such as corpus and cover the possibility for endless sustain is created.

Additionally the musician has the possibility to change, adapt and mold the sustain to his preference with the exchangeable oscillating disks.


Slapcool - the bass

The innovation bass. What's behind it all? Check it out on the new section of the website and give it a look.


impressions from the Guitar summit 2018

fox elyra live in action.

live on stage on Mannheim guitar summit 2017

Gundy Keller presents the FOX ELYRA within his GKmasterclass series including interview with designer Tilly Fuchs, many soundbits and different models & builds